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Friday, September 15, 2006

And - we have twins

I think this is probably the most identical socks with the least stress that I've managed - I removed a short length of yarn from the end of the first sock to start the second sock at the right point. After that it's been straightforward, unlike the Opal where I had a fault in the dye and had to mess around for ages.

As you can see, they really are a truly identical pair of socks, and finished in good time as I don't ned them til October! Now I can concentrate on baby clothes for the next few weeks.
Incidentally, the kitten seemed to have behaved herself yesterday, she was upset by the roof leaking though, my landlord (the council) says they will come sometime in teh next 2 weeks to clean the gutters and check the roof, I'll just have to hope that the rain doesn't return as heavily as yesterday in that time.


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