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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nearly there!

Sock progress continues, despite my afternoon bus being full of soaking wet school children - it has rained excessively here today. I'm fairly confident that I'll have it finished this weekend.

My bright green confection has grown a little, I've reknitted what I had to undo and have started the second pattern repeat, Hecate has obligingly allowed me to rest the knitting against her back in this picture. I've also done some more of the Tuscany scarf, one ball knitted, one more to go, but I won't show you it again until it's finished, garter stitch on large needles in fancy yarn is tedious work and tedious viewing.

Hecate seems tired today, I shudder to think what she has been doing while I was at work although I can't find any trail of destruction!


Blogger trek said...

You are so right to be looking for a path of destruction! ;o)

8:57 pm GMT  
Blogger Melissa said...

The sock looks great!

4:24 pm GMT  

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