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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's another odd sock!

This is the Fyberspates Valentine sock, I'm happy with it, and impressed that I actually got in so much knitting time this week! After discovering curtain climbing yesterday Hecate was totally hyper active and disruptive, today she seems to have forgotten how to get back up there and is sat on my lap sulking after a few failed attempts!
The next sock has reached the gussets, it's been a cool day hence I can knit without sticking to my needles, I'm tired this week for soem reason though and am aiming for an early night.
These arived today, nothing to do with what I normally collect but I saw them and fell totally in love with them, once Hecate is older and less inclined to knock things off shelves I'll have them on display.
One of Arklow's craft range of plates came from a dealer in Ireland.
He very kindly put these in as a free gift - one has a slight chip but they're a pretty pair.


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