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Friday, June 23, 2006

Thank you secret pal!

I had advance warning via an ecard to expect a package from London, look what arrive dtoday!! Not only does this look like a brilliant book, but it arrived at the end of a week that I have found a real struggle, my secret pal has great taste and superb timing, I consider myself very fortunate to have been matched with them. It does of course mean no knitting this evening while I curl up with book and kitten - she mostly co-operates with me when I read!

I'm still not sure what size the foot of this sock needs to be, so I've ground to a halt and switched to the other sock.

Which is over half way along the leg - my friend may get these next week some time if I keep going at this.

A shamrock plate to add to the collection.

A tree of life pattern mug, the factory was keen on celtic designs - not unreasonably as it was Irish!

A saree that I couldn't resist - 6 yards of fabric for £5!

A series of kitten pictures to show how Hecate has grown - the tins of spaghetti are weighting down the scratching post as she keeps knocking it over. I've just got two bricks to replace them but they need washing.

And this, is a kitten who just fell off the curtain she was climbing and is trying to pretend that she never meant to climb the curtain but was just planning on sitting on the box!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was really fast!
Is it in a good condition? Anything to critizice?
I would be really happy if it helps you a tiny little bit to design your own things ... !?
Take care Sibille

9:49 pm GMT  

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