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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Smashing times

It's been a rotten week so far, Monday my mother wasn't answering her phone at a time when she should have been in and when I normally ring her, after much phoning round my brother drove over to find her fine, but she'd pulled a cable out of her phone without noticing. No blogging while I indulged in panic followed by irritation!
Tuesday I got home from work to find broken crockery in postal boxes as pictured below. This was followewd by the female Houdini of the cat world nearly escaping out of a slightly open first floor window onto a main road - now the windows are shut and she spent the evening sulking and attacking my feet even more often.I did get a small amount of sock knitted but nothing worth taking a picture of.
You can see I suspect from this picture and the next one why I am not a happy bunny! For some reason the person who packed this item thought wrapping crockery in pieces of blanket was a good idea rather than using bubble wrap, I'm still waiting to hear from them! It is the first time I've had any breakages in transit, I know I've bene fortunate but that doesn't soothe my temper at present!

This is, I suppose minor damage as it was an odd cup with no saucer that I wasn't that interested in - it came as part of a job lot, but I still paid for it and it's worthless.

This, was a complete set prior to the seller mis packing it, I'm peeved as the chances of me finding a new cup and saucer are very slim. It's actually a dull green colour - I know it's brown in the picture, you'll have to take my word for it!

I do at least now have a jug and sugar bowl to go into the tea set that I'm trying to collect, even if I am one cup down!

I'm pleased with these, I now have 5 mugs in the same style, all different designs and shades of green and yellow, I intend using these and getting rid of some of my oldest tattiest mugs now.

The saucer here was thrown in for free, the plate and saucer match a sugar bowl and I think are pretty if a bit over decorated compared to the shamrock design.

I love these little cauldrons, this one is in much better condition than the first one that I bought, it has all the gilding still on it for a change!
I'm now hoping that the rest of the week gets better although I have my doubts at the moment. I'm planning a quiet Wenesday evening watching tennis on the television and chilling out to see if that improves my mood.


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