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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Socks mostly

Knitting first today - the petticoat sock is growing slowly, I may still give this colour away as I'm not warming to the amount of yellow and green in it.

I'm definitely more at home with this colour, and I'm part way along the foot now, I'll put it on one side now to do on the bus whiel I work on something for my secret pal.
This yarn is also knitting up well, but I can't show you yet what it is as it's for a friend.
The third of my set of cups - this one is a souvenir of Clonmel.
This is a large size plate that matches a side plate I obtained some time ago, I'm pleased to be able to match it.

Hecate has been thoroughly happy and active today with no apparent after effects from her self strangulation attempt so I'm content to not take her to the vets for now. Besides, I mentioned the idea to her and she tried to bite me!


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