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Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally more knitting!

As you can see, the sock is proceeding, not terribly quickly but I might just get it finished before the month end. I'm really not achieving much at all in the knitting line, nor in anything else really, but I'm not feeling as down as I was at the beginning of the week so I'm working on not beating myself up over the general lack of progress.

My brother came to see me yesterday, and brought this, this is a package of several items, not just one despite the suggestive shape! I have a birthday shortly and this is his idea of birthday wrapping, goodness knows what it will turn out to be, I don't expect to resist opening it until my birthday, I never was one for deferred gratification.
He did do a couple of jobs for me that I couldn't do, and he played with Hecate - having been totally obnoxious all week she proceeded to be cute, winsome, playful and to show herself off at her best yet again. I really wish I had a video camera, still shots just can't capture her sheer athleticism and joi de vivre as she leaps into the air after her toys. When she is in that sort of playful happy mood she is a delight. Not only that, once he left she was so exhausted she curled up with me and purred herself into sleep.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

Glad you're feeling better. I'm glad to hear hecate is entertaining you with her antics.

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