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Friday, June 16, 2006

Times of trauma

At 2.30 thi smorning I woke up to find the kitten had found a loop of cable running from a table lamp and made a valiant attempt to strangle herself, I don't know what woke me up, as she was lying on the floor by my bed quietly not crying or struggling and she let me disentangle her without a murmer - it was too tight to just slide over her head. Goodness knows how she managed it, I'd been round carefully tidying cables out of her reach wherever possible as she had a tendency at first to try and bite them. She'd given herself a dreadful fright (nothing to what she'd given me) I never got back to bed as she was clinging to me and eventually fell asleep curled up in my arms. It didn't make a great start to the day. She seems fine now, I made sure she had eaten before I left for work this morning and she was playing happily. I've watched her carefully this evening and she's as active and happy as usual so I'm reasonably sure that she'll suffer no ill effects from her latest adventure.
Both socks have progressed, I had to stop the Valentine one as I can't pick up stitches on the bus so I got on with this one, The Opal petticoat which is knitting up quite nicely, although I don't think it's really me! I'm not that keen on green and it is a bit pastel.

Four side plates and a dinner plate in my pattern that have travelled safely from Canada - they came by sea to save money so I've been waiting for them since the end of April, my patience has now been rewarded!

I picked up a copy of Knitter's magazine today, and I'm really pleased that I did, although buying the Koigu for this,or the Kid Silk Haze for the shawl might leave me rather short of cash, I think I'd better wait and see if I stay inspired by them. There's a nice bag pattern in it and a few other things I like, I didn't much like the last issue, but this one seems more interesting.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

I'm glad the kitten is ok. They get up to allsorts! I can't wait to have another kitten after having to give my cats up before, but with the baby on the way it may be a while!
Those patterns look lovely... if you want a really good alternative to KSH, Adriafil's Kid mohair is the same weight, slightly longer yardage and a bit cheaper... though getting hold of it may be a problem. try contacting Sue from Get knitted- it might not be on her site, but i got some from her when I paid a trip to her warehouse.

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