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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

High speed blogging again

It's early evening, I could blog at length, but I'm tired so we'll go for staccato brevity on the blog for tonight and a hope that I'll be more awake tomorrow!
More art pottery sold as a vase that matches my biscuit barrel but I think it may just be the same item minus it's lid!
It's been so much cooler last night and today that my sock has reached the heel flap!
Material from the USA, I just know there must be a use for material with balls of wool on it! The lilac sprigged design is a no brainer as I have lavender waiting to go into wee tiny bags trimmed with lace!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about a knitting bag out of the "wool ball fabric"!?

Take care SP

12:32 am GMT  

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