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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All sorts of things on a much cooler day

As you can see, Hecate is still actively climbing her net tube, it's cooler here today and I think she finds it's cooler in the tube - she's spent her time there or lying on the bathroom floor mostly when it has been hot.
One of the pieces of art studio pottery that I managed to get at a reasonable price, mostly the studio ware is out of my price range.
This piece is anonymous, almost definitely not Arklow but I love the pierced borders.
This is a ytiny coffee can, sadly without it's saucer, but I'll keep a look out for it, I'm really short of saucers which surprises me - I'd expect to have people break the cups more easily.
An ashtray with coats of arms, I have a small plate that matches this somewhere, this pattern doesn'tt seem to be very common - at least I haven't seen much of it.

I've never seen this design in this colour or item before - a pepper pot in the tree of life pattern, I have the tree of life on a plate but in a different colourway.
Finally, today's sock, this is Fyberspates 'Valentine' colourway, when it arrived it was much darker than it had looked on the Get Knitted website, but it turned out to be much more me!
I'm happier today, it's cooler so I can knit, I have a loaf of bread baking in my bread machine and my Secret Pal has got her first parcel and likes it!!


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