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Monday, June 12, 2006

It's a pair!

I finally finished this pair in Regia, its been slightly cooler here today thanks to a thunderstorm this morning. Also my beloved mother came into to see me at work and brought her spare small electric fan for me so I'm able to sit and knit without melting all over the sock!
My current SIP's, the pink and blue I bought on eBay and I'm experimenting with the blueberry waffle pattern, I'm hoping to turn this yarn into bedsocks for my friend's mother. The blue is Trekking XXL, the first time I've used it and I'm not that keen - I'm using my normal pattern on 2.5mm needles but the fabric seems very thin. Thr front very small sample is Opal peticoat and I think I'm going to like it, I wish I'd bought more at the time that I got it. However, I still have plenty of other yarn to experiment with, so I'm resisting the temptation to seek out more sock yarn!


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