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Monday, May 22, 2006

Tiger sock again

The tiger sock has progressed a little more, luckily Hecate actually allowed me several half hours of uninterrupted knitting on Sunday. She even slept happily in another room for a while, she is only just 12 weeks old and tends to want to be able to see what I'm doing at all times. This results in her following me to the bathroom and me several times only just catching her before she jumped into the toilet! I now keep the lid down and a heavy book on top of it.
The back of my counted cross stitch - some progress has gone on, not as much as I would like and I can't show the front as I don't want anyone to see what it is until it is finished.

I picked up a French knitting bobbin cheaply recently and have thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering this from my childhood, I haven't any plans for the resulting braid, but it is fun!
I'm being taken out for tea tonight as a treat by a great friend of mine who knows that I've been going through a difficult emotional patch lately - I don't expect to get online to blog again until tomorrow as I'll be late home and apologising to a stroppy kitten!


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