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Sunday, April 16, 2006

A sock and a second sock started

Not only a finished sock, but please note that the second sock has been cast straight on, I like this colourway and fancy getting the pair finished, it seems very springlike to me.

Spring Vogue Knitting, I've never made anything out of Vogue, but there are a couple of lace patterns I fancy trying.

Because I can't get VK easily here it always acts as an excuse to buy yarn from Get Knitted as well. 2 more skeins of Koigu and 2 of Lorna's laces in the Bitter Sweet colourway.
Reduced price Opal magic - yes, I know I have a gazillion balls of sock yarn but so what - sticks fingers in ears and starts to hum to drown out voices talking about excessive stashes of sock yarn.
Finally a picture of a shrub in the garden - any ideas what it is???


Blogger Daisy said...

There's no such thing as an excessive stash of sock yarn! ;-)

5:05 pm GMT  
Blogger Sue said...

Love the zingy spring socks!

I think the shrub looks like a Camellia (sp?) but I could be way wrong!

I agree with Daisy - there is no such thing as to much sock yarn!

5:32 pm GMT  
Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

I agree with Sue, a camellia, and I am building my sock stash too and I don't care how many there will be! by the way you have some real lovely ones in your collection!
But I will have to stop giving my socks away!

10:50 am GMT  

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