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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Of plants, socks and little monsters

The delightful view from my window, when I got home the little monsters from the private school near here were jumping up and down on the fridge freezer, hitting it with branches they had pulled off the tree.

The first of my seeds are germinating, I forget what they are, but no doubt I'll remember when they get bigger!

The last of my amaryllis, this one had two stems with 4 blooms on each, I definitely got my money's worth.

I've been and gone and left my current sock at work, so I've switched to the Key Lime Pie colour for today. We also have a small bottle of white wine (4 for £5) that I use when I cook my favourite salmon risotto, 2 sequinned lilac scarves that I hope will inspire me to do some thing arty in my bedroom at some point and a reminder of the sock I left at work (although that is only at the start of the heelflap)


Blogger Lilith said...

Ah, the benefits of private education!! Science AND botany in one!! hee-hee

9:20 pm GMT  

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