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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Squares and eBay goodies part 1

Square 3 of the Learn to Knit afghan was just awaiting having ends sewn in and as that isn't knitting I've done it! I like this pattern, very simple and effective and looks good in the pale green.

Square 4 - who's a bad knitter then? I had about 10 rows of this left to finish and I did despite the ban on knitting, I did it in batches of 2 rows over a whole evening with no apparent problems. This is the lattice with seed stitch, another handy pattern as after the first repeat I could see what I had to do on each row.
A different coffee can and saucer by the same pottery as my shamrock ones, they did a whole load of 'Souvenir of Ireland' pots of various types.
And a wild rose pattern plate, I'd been looking for an example of this pattern for a while so I'm well chuffed to have found this.
There were a few more packages waiting when I got home, I'll save those for tomorrow as I really am going to be good and not knit tonight!


Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Wow love the collection so far! I have a small wedgewood one that is hidden in the shed, as with a heap of boys I am not sure they would survive! I often check out Ebay to find different pieces but wool buying is diminating at moment despite a self inflicted yarn diet!

9:06 pm GMT  

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