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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

eBay goodies and some yarn p*rn

Who needs more sock yarn - I do! Well, I know I don't but that has absolutely nothing to do with anything! More sock yarn from Amanda, some English sock yarn and some alpaca/merino at the back.
Square 8 of the Learn to Knit afghan, Barbara Walker calls this 'Rose Fabric'. I can't see it as roses, but I do quite like the pattern, my first one where you knit into the stitch below. There is a slight snag, it's much smaller than the garter stitch square which is meant to be the definitive size for the afghan, in fact, that garter stitch square weighs in at 17g where all the others are 14 or less, I haven't tried blocking them yet! I haven't used the continental knitting style espoused by Barbara Walker but I can't think that is the cause of the discrepancy as I knit to a very even tension whatever I knit normally and that variation is huge.
A baby vase, small but perfectly formed!
A very handy box for my short single pointed nedles that I use for scarves and baby clothes, it should hold my meagre collection of circular needles too.

Finally a pretty little enamelled pill box that took my fancy, it may turn into a gift yet, I'm undecided. This week I also received several snails for my big sister's snail ornament collection but I can't put pictures here as she hasn't seen them yet!


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