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Sunday, April 23, 2006

SIP's again

Here we have pictures of some of my SIP's I spent a happy evening yesterday knitting a few rounds on each of them just to get them all moving. The middle two are yarns from the Natural Dye Studio and the outside two are Cherry Tree Hill.
None of these have made much progress recently, the front one is Regia which I haven't used before, the rest are all sorts of assorted hand painted mostly merino sock yarns, I'm trying a number of different makes to see which I like best.
The most nearly completed sock is this one, if i can finish this one I'll have achieved finishing 4 pairs of socks this month, that was my target and I should make it. There is no picture of the current square for the afghan as I seem to have misred the pattern and have to frog about 6 rows, but I want to re read the pattern tomorrow and see if I've realy misread it or if I'm currently misreading it!


Anonymous Cam said...

How about Baa Baa Blue Sheep? You can call him (her) Baa for short.

PS: Please don't send me any wool. I'm too old to learn to knit.

the old grey wolf

6:18 am GMT  

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