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Friday, April 21, 2006

Been busy!

Not had much time for sock knitting, my mum's not been too well and work has been busy, but the mail has got through. More Koigu, I confess to being addicted, I love the colours.

A gift for my mum, a book by her favourite author and even better, a first edition with autograph, I was going to save it for her birthday but I favour 'unbirthday gifts - speaking of which - thank you ambermoggie for the thimble, I have a collection given to me by my mum so it has company!
More cups by my favourite factory - I think these are rather sweet, espresso size again and safely in my display cabinet.
More of the shamrock design, there isn't much of this around in the UK, there seems to be more available in America, but I'm wary about things travelling that far safely when fragile.
My third pair of socks for the month - I said I'd never turn these into anything remotely matching and I was right, I seem to have managed to almost totally reverse the patterning!


Blogger Daisy said...

Yummy yummy koigu there! I'm going to have to get some!

5:30 pm GMT  

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