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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More orphan socks

Today I can present you with a finished sock, sadly this is another orphan joining his friends in a small set of plastic filing drawers where all my orphan socks live with the remaining yarn for use in creating their siblings!

I can further present you with a jungle poppy sock, yet another potential orphan, this one ilustrates that for the life of me I can't keep track of rows, nor can I count them with any degree of success, so I have to use a row counter to knit heel flaps - it does at least give me a use for my spare needle!

I now present you with this, around 280g of 4 ply merino from the maker of the tropical colour yarn below. I'm absolutely sure I can do better than socks out of these, I'm just not that sure what yet. For now they can live next to my bed so I can gloat over them and wait for them to tell me what they wish to be.


Blogger colin said...

Your socks and yarn are maiking me crave!

10:34 pm GMT  

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