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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy goodness

Visitors who bring chocolate are highly recommended here, especially visitors who arrive with Green and Black chocolate of any variety - this is a combination I hadn't tried either! By some miracle of restraint we both had a couple of pieces and some still remains!

My friends first ever sock complete with Kitchenered toe - it took a certain amount of talking out loud as grafting always does at first, but she did it totally without my intervention.

In an exhibition of trust I then gave her my completed Carnival sock and she did the toe of it as well to help her remember how it's done. I'll dig out it's mate later and show you how close they are to identical twins after all.

I had intended making some pink socks in Bright Sugars colourway for my friend with a thing about pink socks, but another knit blogger put out an appeal for 100g to help her finish a project, so we've agreed that I'll get that passed on and I'll make some pink socks out of this yarn that I got custom dyed from a seller on eBay until I find the perfect replacement.

I know snow is forecast for this weekend, but I have daffodils! I'm hopeful that spring really can't be far away now. This patch of sunshine in plant form really cheered up my morning.

I told you there were 4 buds on this amaryllis stem! I even get 3 open at once and you can see that the other bulb has a three bud stem - it has a secondary stem too but I'm not sure how many buds yet! I have to thank Fred for his encouragement when I thought these would never sprout into life!

And just to show you how bright and rich the flower colour is, both these pictures were taken without flash on a grey and overcast day. I love the way you can see through the petals where they don't overlap.

Today's post was brought to you by the colours pink, red and yellow and the major food group chocolate!


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