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Friday, March 10, 2006

Just a progress report

Something non knitting first, this arrived as part of an envelope of goodies from an old friend who went to Malta for Christmas, this is exquisite, far too nice to use as a handkerchief, I'm thinkingI might put it into a shadow box frame some time with some other pretty things. I know in theory I'm supposed to be decluttering, but something like this just isn't clutter!

I've been steadily knitting a little at a time on a jacket and a sweater for myself, this front is now at 55 cms, 13 more to go before I shape the armhole, being noble I actually stopped and sewed in the pocket, it's the sort of job I hate so getting it done as I go along is the preferred but seldom achieved option.

The back seems to be taking for ever, I've done 5 pattern repeats but estimate it will take approximately 15 to the arm hole, it isn't bus knitting by any stretch of my imagination, the sweater on the 4mm circ at the bottom of the pic is great mindless knitting, all knit untill I get to teh armhole and have to split it in two, I'm using the pattern I used for my aqua sweater only without the stitch pattern as I think variegated yarns are often busy enough without added patterns. I can knit on this at any time for now, it will eventually get too heavy but it's OK for now. This is the first 100g knit up, I'm now happy that I should have enough yarn, although I'm going to finish off the first sleeve and see how much yarn I use before I state that it will work out with a degree of confidence.


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