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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Knitting plans for 2006

I'm going to work on my aim to have 14 pairs of hand knitted socks (I knowthat is just a small percentage of my sock yarn stash, but I think it's a good beginning)

I'm going to try and decipher the shrug pattern and get on with that - and now my brother has tried on the part knitted glove I know how to alter the pattern (I think) to make them fit him.I then have to go back to the huge number of UFO's I have lurking and tryand get at least some of them moving again. Rather than restart them all I'm planning on taking out 2 at a time, one clapotis and one other item to add to the rotation.
So, for January into the rotation go the following:-
1) red shrug
2) gloves for big brother
3) lilac clapotis
4) pink funky fur baby jacket with hood - that just needs the front bands knitting and then sewing up so should be finished easily, once I locate the pattern for it!
5) Socks in general, the following in particular, the second Fyberspates wild foxglove (not yet started), a pair of merino in sugar plum, one is finished and one at the heel flap. The second Opal pink sugared almond, the cuff is done and I'm into teh leg, an Opal limited edition variegated in all the colours of the rainbow, I have 2 100g skeins that Iwant to experiment with and have knitted the cuff of one. Some Australian sock wool in heather colour, one cuff knitted of one sock, that will give me a total of 8 pairs of hand knitted socks for me. They won't all be finished in January but I reckon I have a good chance of getting another 3 pairs finished (as I already have half of 3 pairs done!) If I finish the baby hoody then I intend finishing my funky chunky sweater -only one and a half sleeves and the neck and sewing up to do.

Now I'm off to -finally- celebrate Christmas with my other half, for various reasons we haven't been able to spend time together yet this Christmas so today we do New Year and Christmas in one!


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