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Monday, January 02, 2006

Candy socks

I really really am liking these socks, the one question mark I have is if I have enough of the pink left to do the toes - my own fault - I should have taken into account the fact that I knit the socks bigger than average circumference and that causes me to use that bit more yarn. I've weighed the remains on my new kitchen scales that claim that I have 4g left, which as I had 9 at teh beginning of the second heel makes me think I should have enough, but when I reach the toe of the first sock I will be sensible, and I wil put in a life line before I switch colours! I may also do one of those bizarre knitters calculations where I try to work out how many stitches were in the heel and then how many there are in the toe - I'm sure you get the idea?

I'm not sure that my other half really appreciated the true glory of these socks, even though I do recall spending some time yesterday explaining it to him after sharing a bottle of champagne - bless him, a truly tolerent individual!


Blogger Lynne said...

Those socks are so girly! I want! Oh dear, more sock yarn lust. I only have to knit up half a dozen pairs before I should allow myself to get more sock yarn.

9:15 am GMT  
Blogger Daisy said...

Snap! I have the same colourway in Curious sock yarn! And I love it! :-)

12:22 pm GMT  

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