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Sunday, November 13, 2005

This week's update

I know I'd said I wasn't going to do any more of the snowdrop shawl until I'd finsihed the Christmas knitting, but I swapped to bamboo needles and wanted to test to see if it helped - that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I don't honestly like bamboos but they are less slippery with the lace so I think I'll stick with them. I'm definitely going to invest in some DPN's in bamboo to try and make a shawl in the round. You'll see from the picture that I've put in a life line and will continue to do so now as it does make me less nervous! This is almost the whole of the first pattern repeat, theer are 16 pattern rows alternating with K1, P to the last, K1 - those rows are lifesavers for me as I can see then if I've made any errors.

Part of the reason why I let myself do a small amount of lace is this, 2 more scarves finished, one in eyelash yarn bought on Ebay and the other from Wendy Cosmic, I had intended it as a gift, but I'm very tempted to keep it and give the grey lasagne scarf instead. I've done a small amount more of the blue shawl, that really does need finishing and I have 3 more scarves that I have to finish by Christmas, then I just need to make my brother's gloves. All 3 of teh otehr scarves are at least 2/3rds doen now and will probably get finsihed as bus knitting this week.

I'm pretty pleased with how much progress I've made with the planned gifts, so I took time out to make another lasagne scarf, they are so easy even if the last 2 rounds are a pain. This is some James C Brett arran that I had in my stash in excessive quantities so I started it on Friday. It's a speedy knit for me and makes what I think of as a spare gift in case I need one or two. This isn't quite finsihed, but I'm on the home stretch of casting off. I'm not planning any more of these in the near future, but then I hadn't planned on this one!

Apart from that, I've been sorting through more boxes and found some of my short knitting needles that I bought last time I had a knitting spree. I've also just made a huge pan of chicken and vegetable soup, pretty much enough to last me the whole week I think - it's the only soup I ever make but I like it.


Blogger Sue said...

I like the lasagne scarf. Can I ask where you got the pattern?

2:21 pm GMT  
Blogger rachel said... has teh free pattern, I cast this on eon on Friday and have just finished casting off, and doen other stuff in betweeen, it really does need at least 4 long circular needles, I do it with 3 and 8 long DPN's which is a terrible fiddle but my other circular has something on it. They're addictive I have to say!

4:20 pm GMT  

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