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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chunky or what??

Newly arrived in my stash and irresistable to thos of us who have too many WIP's and not enough self control! Patons Funky Chunky soft yarn that knits up on 10mm needles this is about 2 hours of knitting and feels really soft, this one is for me - but now I've tested it (can I claim this is a swatch?) I must return to the last 2 scarves and the shawl before I return to it - I'm saving it as a reward, every time I finish a scarf I can knit for me for a day!

I've also made progress on the pink fluffy edged baby cardigan - it now has a hood, sadly the next baby to arrive at work was a boy so I'm still a baby cardi behind, next time I see the father is Nov 8th, I can't see me getting one done with everything else I'm doing. I'll have to make a second size and post it (my colleague's and I work in different places in the country, some in groups, some singly)

Herewith the first sock of pair 3, pair 1 I'm still on sock 2 , pair 2 is done and this is pair 3, sock 2 is not yet started as I'm seriously scarf obsessed, I want to make ones for friends when I've done the ones for my neighbour. I have great ambitions! I'm going to have to prioritise what I'm doing soon, make yet another list and start being methodical. I can rely on one business trip with train knitting time but that's about it.

I can't just knit at home as the loft has now been refilled and I have a lot of tidying and sorting out to do now. I think some stash may end up in the loft as I'm more than a bit cluttered at present. I'll get there, I only have a few commitments, the rest is all wishful thinking and plans on my part, things I'd like to make for family and friends but haven't promised.


Blogger Daisy said...

Sounds like you have as many ideas for projects as me at the moment! I'm just wondering how I'm going to get all the stuff done that i want to do!

5:36 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel, please tell me where in the heavens did you get the Paton's Funky Chunky, I have been looking for months!!!
Thanks so mUch!

1:56 pm GMT  

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