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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy dance

Yet again without pictures, posting in my lunch break at work means I'm camera less and I currently can't email myself in the office as the emails vanish I know not where - technology is a glorious mystery to me!

I've been hunting for a pattern to make gloves for my brother for Christmas, specifically a pattern I can adapt to give him fingerless bits where neccessary for him to use his digital camera, I finally found a pattern that I can adapt and some suitably masculine sock wool - blue/grey, he doesn't 'do' colours. For myself I have some Cashoft 4ply in a soft rose to make a pair for myself, yet more things to add to my 'to do' list. Also arrived yesterday soem more DPN's for sock and glove knitting and some pretty mohair that may become a scarf for my mother.

I have now got 3 scarves at the 2/3rds done stage, at least 2 should be finshed this week and 2 more are at the 1/3rd done stage, I'm beginning to feel some hope that I may get the boring stocking stitch scarves done soon, that will leave me time to do more interesting things and experiment with the gloves as well!


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