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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chaos reigns but the scarves multiply

I'm having a grand clear out, in part to make room to stack away some of my yarn stash, this has entailed emptying a large walk in cupboard on the landing of my flat and trying to repack it more efficiently. This means that I now have a fairly neat cupboard, 3 shelves need sorting out but the rest is tidy, unfortunately what I've taken out doesn't appear to have gone back and I'm looking at a landing that is stil half full of assorted boxes and bags and piles of material, this is un nerving to say the least. I'm now contemplating getting my other half to put the rest into the loft, but I just know that as soon as I do that I will either a) instantly need whatever goes up there or b) instantly forget what went up there and waste weeks looking for it. As a result of this trauma I have abandoned the wreckage of the flat and spent the evening starting a batch of chicken soup as I'm convinced that I'm developing a cold just in time for our 5th anniversary.

In knitting related news I have completed another scarf - 2 this week and the last one for my neighbour is about 8 inches from completion. The front of my funky chunky sweater is done, as a rest from scarf knitting it's great, it grows so ludicrously quickly! I cast on the first sleeve in celebration and am half way through the increases. I have 3 scarves to make for relatives and one for a friend's mother and they are all started, one of them indeed is half done already, I'm in danger of over confidence here and thinking that I may complete all my Christmas knitting relatively comfortably! I've even done one more pattern on each of my 2 clapotis this week. Several of my WIP's are in serious danger of becoming UFO's but I've been really focussing on scarves to get them out of the way, I then look forward to spending my time doing things that have patterns in!

I'm looking for a suitable pattern for making a scarf out of Colinette's Isis, I have 4 skeins in velvet plum that are crying out to be a more interesting scarf than the ones I've been making but I can't find anything that catches my imagination, I'm not sure how well it will show any stitch pattern as it's quite fluffy, any ideas anyone?

No pictures of my FO's, when you've seen one scarf you've pretty much seen them all and I'll take a picture of the whole scarf mountain when I've sewn in all the ends!

Now I'm off to have a nice strong drink and to bed, to bury my head under my pillows and try and blank out the noise from fireworks - how I wish that they could leave the pretty lights in them and remove the noise!


Blogger Maureen said...

Colinette have quite a good little pattern book called Artifacts (£4) which has a scarf pattern using Isis. It only takes one skein and you do a loop stitch. It makes a gorgeous, soft scarf.

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