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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scarves 'r' us

I finished all my neighbour's scarves - imagine if you will a fanfare at the least, I am soo pleased with myself. I now only have 3 more scarves to do, all in different yarn and all in slightly different patterns which is a relief. The only other scarf under consideration is the Colinette Isis if I find a pattern I like. The picture includes 2 scarves that aren't my neighbour's, the purple one is mine and the second peacock one is for my physio.

I've also nearly finished the first sleeve of my funky chunky sweater, made some progress on the shawl for my mum to give at Christmas and found the pattern for the baby hoodie that I want to get done by a week on Tuesday. I've been doing more reorganising today, some progress has been made but the flat still looks to me like the aftermath of an explosion.

In a spirit of adventure I cast on the baby hoodie, it's the one I have started in pink so I know it's quite a quick pattern and I just may manage to get it done as I have Friday off work this week as well as the weekend, I'll see how I get on, I haven't promised this garment so if it isn't done no one will be any the wiser.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my physio, she wants to see what progress I've made in a month, I'm pretty down about this, my Dr left me very disheartened and I've found it hard to motivate although I have got to the gym at least 2 or 3 times most weeks.


Anonymous mwalton said...

Way to go on the scarves. I need to take a picture of Connor in the sweaters you made him he looks great. Cracks me up how many people around me of these days I should probably learn..except it seems to be an obsession once you start...

2:37 pm GMT  

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