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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Christmas count down

Blame the Yarn Harlot for this - she just pointed out how long it is til Christmas - I now have 61 days left to knit the following:-
2 more scarves for my neighbour
1 shawl for my mum to give to a niece
1 shawl for my neighbour
1 pair of gloves for my brother
1 scarf for my friend's mum
3 more scarves for assorted relatives
1 baby cardi that isn't started and really needs doing before the 9th of Nov
something for my mum, I have no idea what yet, I do have some lace weight mohair that might make a nice scarf though, possibly the pattern that I made out of Kidsilk Haze earlier this year.

I also promised to make orange/clove pomanders for my neighbours and to teach my neighbour's granddaughter how to make peppermint creams.

In spite of all this I just ordered some lace shawl patterns from the US and offered to teach a colleague how to knit. Let's also remember that I have one second sock on the go, one second sock not started, a poncho in mind for my neighbour's youngest grand daughter and a full time job!

Now, if only the voices in my head that keep mocking me for over committing would get their knitting needles out as well I might manage it!


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