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Friday, November 04, 2005

Frantic hoodie knitting!

Progress on the baby hoodie was delayed while I frogged 20 rows of the right hend front, I've managed to get some extra stitches on the sleeves (misreading the pattern) and have had to reknit the front, the pink hoodie is a smaller size and the picture gives an idea of what more I have to do. Finish the right front, make the left front and the hood then add the funky fur on both sleeves and on both fronts - the question is whether I can finish this by Tuesday given that I have brought work home to do this weekend!

My beloved and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together this week - time away from knitting - but well worth it! I can't be that obsessed with knitting, I did none for nearly 24 hours!

I'm resisting starting anything else until the hoodie and Christmas scarves are done, but I'm very tempted by this - am I mad to find the idea of knitting rows 1700 stitches long fascinating rather than scary?? It's knitted in aran and I have a cone full of grey Debbie Bliss aran yarn that would be ideal for something like this. At least with it being on a cone even if I cast it on it's never going to be a 'do on the bus' project unlike the Christmas scarves so it shouldn't get too in the way of their completion.

The scarves for my nieces and my sister have all grown this week, I'm taking the scarf for my friend's mother with me on a works trip to Nottingham this week as it's perfect for knitting on the train. Once they are all finished I can consider the 1700 stitch rowed lasagne scarf and experiment with cable on the Colinette Isis. The trouble is, I keep thinking of things I'd liek to make and people I'd like to make them for!


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