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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Makes you want to spit!

So, I find some material on ebay, just perfect for a small sewing project I have in mind, check to make sure the seller has good feedback, that they take Paypal as I have no spare cash this month and buy what I need, everything's sweet when they send me an invoice and inform me that 'due to a problem being investigated by Paypal they can't accept it at the present time' Now what do I do? do I cancel the order, or raid cash from somewhere else and pay a different bill by credit card? I am really really annoyed about this, possibly out of all proportion to the inconvenience, but no - one said I have to be rational!

Knitting progress is good, I cast on the baby blue furry edged hoodie on Sunday, it's knitted all in one piece and then the furry bits are added to the front borders and hood, I've done the back and half of each sleeve so far and the scarf for number 2 niece is well into the second of 3 50g balls. I've worked out that if I knit all the needed scarves to the point where they are at a minimum useable length then I can switch to the Christmas shawls, finish them then add to the scarves if I have time. My questions are whether or not the hoodie will be a) done by next Tuesday and b) be too girlie, it is in blue, but it does have furry fluffy bits!

Sorting the flat out is slower, although I have 4 bags of rubbish to go out when the bin men come on Thursday - more than double my usual amount, so I must have achieved something - mustn't I?

I gave my physio the scarf I'd made for her when I saw her on Monday - I just have one more seesion with her this month then I'm on my own and have to keep motivated to go to the gym without her invaluable encouragement. She seemed really surprised that I'd given her anything, but to me her help in getting started improving my fitness/health is priceless.


Blogger Daisy said...

Why don't you contact the ebay seller asking how long the Paypal problem is going to last and explain that you wanted to pay by credit card? That way you're showing that you are committed to buying the item and it may be possible for them to wait for the problem to be sorted rather than lose out. A chance for them to show good customer service!

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