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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scarves and shawls

Firstly, anyone who wants to see the lasagne scarf pattern can find it at Several people have asked me about it, it is a very quick knit and one that I enjoy in a bizarre twisted sort of a way. I think it makes me a process orientated knitter, I'm fascinated by the way the knitting works.

The quick and easy fringed shawl is now half done and I've started adding the fringing - I ran out of fringe once so now I add it as I go along. The remaining 3 scarves for Christmasare all over half done now so it's gloves for brother and then I can move on to other things. I strongly suspect that I'll end up making more lasagne scarves and more eyelash yarn scarves as people see them but if I do make anymore I'll intersperse them with more interesting knitting.

I found a set of bamboo DPN's in the wrong size for the circular shawl and gave them a try but they seem to be varnished and were as slippery as the metal ones so I stil haven't found a solution to starting shawls in the round. I'm not sure now if it's worth buying more bamboo DPN's in the right size just to try. I'll give it some thought, there's no real urgency now I'm working on the snowdrop shawl anyway.

My order of work is now to finish the following:-
1) 3 scarves
2) 1 shawl
3) 1 brown/cream sock
4) 1 blue multi sock (second sock syndrome struck)
5) gloves for brother
6) the funky chunky sweater
after that I need to go back through all my UFO's and see if there are any 'quick wins' sadly I think that is unlikely!


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