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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Weekly progress!

As I don't seem to manage to post more than once a week at the moment I might as well make this the weekly report.
On the non knitting front I now have insulation in the loft - where I can't see it and around my hot water tank which I can - it has a nice red jacket - very Christmassy!

Here is the sock progress, the brown/cream/blue on ehas grown by an incredibly small amount, but the yellow/green/blue merino one now has a heel flap, however included in the picture is something you don't want to see - a broken needle that used to have a clapotis on it - luckily I managed to pick up all the stitches.

Now for the dreaded scarf pile - as you can see in this picture - we now have 4 in the pile, one is mine, 3 for my neighbour's daughters and granddaughters.

I have done a bit more to the two clapotis, but this week has been 'scarf week', I'm trying very hard to get the 6 finished that I need to get done, I'm aiming to finish them all this month if possible.


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