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Monday, October 17, 2005

Progress minus pictures

As I'm writing this in my lunch break at work there are no pictures, so please imagine items as follows
1) A second yellow/blue/green sock
2) A first dark blue/light blue/purple sock
3) A completed multicoloured scarf (only 2 more to go for my neighbour)
4) A pink baby jacket with a furry yarn edged hood, I just have to do the fur on the cuffs and front edges and finish sewing it up.

It's been a good week for knitting. my 2 clapotis grew a bit and the socks were done on a trip to Newcastle and back that I took for a colleague who was sick - that was all that was good about the week.

Travelling to Newcastle I arrived just as a powercut ended, this had caused a 30 minute queue for a taxi to the hotel. The room I was given was large and an upgrade but the mattress on the bed was so incredibly soft it hurt my back. Coming back the weather was foul and due to England playing Poland at some football match or other I was stuck on a tram full of very loud Poles followed by another long taxi queue as it was throwing it down with rain.

I had Dr's appointment on Thursday to check on my blood pressure only to find it hadn't gone down, I arrived full of glee as I've been going to the gym religiously, my ankles are no longer swollen, my back is improving, I'd lost over 2lbs since she'd seen me and I was thoroughly positive. Sadly all my Dr was interested in was that my blood pressure hadn't gone down in the month and I seem to now have become her project, as a result I have an appointment for an ECG on Wednesday and then blood tests for every ailment she can think of at the beginning of November - deep joy!!

The weekend was better, I did knitting and moving boxes back into my airing cupboard, I may get the landing clear of stuff soon!

Knitting targets for the week ahead
1) Finish another scarf
2) Do the front bands and cuffs of the baby hoody
3) Do more of the second brown/cream/blue sock - which finally neareth the heel flap


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