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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Progress and a sock

Thanks to the people who pointed me at an instructional video I've finished the sock - I'm not totally happy with it - it looks uneven to me but I think that is partly because the yarn turned speckled at that point just for the last 2 rows of the toe which makes it look more uneven. It's definitely too small for me so I know need to work out how to adjust the pattern to fit me, this will mean many calculations on tatty bits of paper, appeals to my mother for advice that i will probably ignore and a lot of bad language before I figure it out!

In the mean time as an earnest of good intent I have cast on the second sock (twice as I had to frog the first attemp) and done several rows of rib. Don't expect this sock to be as quick as the first, I'm pretty much recovered from the virus I had - coughing merrily still but well enough to go back to work which will slow me down. In addition I'm religiously working round all my WIP's and am pleased to announce that in another 21 rows the front of my aqua jumper will divide for the neck, this is the oldest of my WIP's, the back and both sleeves are ready so I'm planning on mostly working on that this week to see if I can finish something for me.

Because I've been ill I've missed the Knitting/Needlecarft show in Manchester this weekend, but my mother and sister both went and I gather have bought some 'things' for me, I'm not sure how I feel about this - my stash is at almost unmanageable quantities which is why I'm trying to get some WIP's finished' I've promised spare yarn from projects to my mother for her charity knitting so most WIP's when finished will cause a reduction in stash over and above what I use in the garment.

My current aim for September is to finish the following:-

  1. The aqua jumper
  2. The blue shawl - newly started but quick
  3. The Noro jumper - that might not happen as the body is too heavy to carry to and from work
  4. The chunky jacket back and left front - they are large pieces though so I reserve the right not to get them done
  5. The second sock!!

Any guesses as to how many of these will happen?


Blogger scarletprincess said...

Hi there! i had troub;e with the sock grafting when i made my first sock too... so much nicer in the second sock! I've just cast on a second pair but as theyre like trainer sock size i'm hoping to finish them quicker! So i've just added to the WIPs!! oh no....

8:39 am GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

I have to finish this sock so I can start my tiger feet or I doubt if I'd get on with it - I only have one set of sock DPN's!!

9:02 am GMT  

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