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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I nearly done it!

I finished the front of my aqua jumper, then panicked as I wasn't sure the neckline would be big enough - when I did the front i seemed to not do enough rows according to the pattern. As a result I ended up sewing the shoulder seams first to make sure it would go over my head. I now have to find a set of 3.25mm DPN's or 2 circular needles so I can do the neck - it's supposed to be a plain neck but I fancy a polo neck although I'm not sure if that will work with the stitch pattern.

Anyway I'm attaching a picture of it as far as it has got, and a close up of a really rather neat seam of which I am inordinately proud!

In other news, I nearly left a pan on to set fire to my flat today, did some housework over the last few days and used the office gym for the first time - my shoulders may never be the same again! I'm feeling noble and heroic today - tomorrow I suspect I may be unable to pick up a knitting needle!


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