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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Progress - of sorts

Well, the aqua sweater is finished and put away as I think it looks dreadful on me - maybe once the gym and diet have some effect I may decide it looks better, it's currently put away for review at Christmas!

The purple eyelash scarf is finished and the first of the scarves I'm making for my neighbour is 1/3 done, it's handy bus knitting so I don't mind the deadliness of it, then I reward myself each evening by doing something more interesting.

Second sock has made some progress - the cuff is finished and I've started on the leg, I think I have found someone who the pair will fit so I'm getting on with it again. No picture - it's not exactly at an exciting stage yet! What has made huge progress is the hooded matinee coat from Simply Knitting a month or so ago. I'm making it in girly pink to stash away in case I need a quick baby girl gift, It's an interesting method of making it, cast on the back , increase to shape the sleeves, then split to knit each front and the remainder of each sleeve, I've done all that and am now on the hood, then all I do is pick up edges to knit the furry bits - I've done nearly all of that this weekend - I know it wasn't on this week's 'to do' list but I have at least been in productive mode!

This week I'll concentrate on peacock scarf number 1, maybe the sock and any other knitting time will go on the Noro brown/cream jumper.

I also need to empty my airing cupboard and prepare for the council to come and install loft and tank insulation on Friday, plus my partner will be here Thursday so I can see this week being pretty busy. I'm aiming at getting to the gym at least 3 times this week - Friday is my day off so I can't manage 5 times, I might manage 4, that depends on how busy I am Thursday and how early I leave to see himself.


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