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Sunday, September 11, 2005

So much for progress

I'd carefully worked out that I had enough yarn - just- without starting another ball to finish my aqua jumper, I'd measured the neck and it would fit over my head, all I had to do was knit the neckband, cast off loosely and slip stitch it double, then a WIP would be finished. As you can see, this has not been a success, even casting off on a size bigger needle left me having to undo the slip stitching and the neck seam, undo the casting off and cast off with an even bigger needle. You can see the wreckage of the original casting off and seaming in the picture.

I did the casting off, it's still a wee bit tight but does go over my head, however, having tried it on, I hate it - it hadn't occurred to me that the panel down the front would turn into a diamond at the top over my bust - I've left the thing sat on a chair waiting the final neck seam being resewn and then it will, I suspect join the ranks of things made but better forgotton.

I have got a bit done to almost all of the remaining WIP's but have am currently in Eeyore's gloomy corner and opted to spend this afternoon clearing up some of the muddle in my spare room/office rather than knit.


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