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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hipknits are cool

I ordered some silk from Hipknits in July, just before Trudi passed the business on with a vague idea of trying the clapotis pattern. Sadly the silk went AWOL in the postal system, I didn't realise at first with the change of owner I thought that was the explanation for the delay. When I finally realised the delay was rather too long I emailed Kerrie, bless her , she has immediately sent out replacement silk and added some sari silk as well - I'm very impressed. I love the feel of the silk, now all I have to do is decide what needles I need and see if I'm brave enough to start!

Also today arrived some New Zealand Touch yarn, 4 skeins of the mixed fibre lollipops at the front of the picture and 2 skeins of merino at the back right as well as some Boa and some Cosmic - to play with.

I have promised to knit something for my neighbours grand daughter - which has to be pink! Plus I offered to knit something for my colleague's little girl you can bet that wil be girlie too, just as well I'm still plodding on with my Noro which is definitely not girlie!

My Mum came over and dutifully admired my stash of yarn and helped me to decide that the second ball of blue wool really does match the baby cardigan so I can carry on and finish it. I took the camera outside while we waited for her taxi and took a few pictures - I have a small shared garden which is mostly tubs and has had some gorgeous flowers this year.


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