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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sleepless in Manchester

Last night I totally failed to get to sleep until well after 3am, this has an up side to it - I inserted the pocket into the bright pink jacket and knitted the pocket top as well - for some reason I get a real buzz out of pockets - I tend to knit the linings well before I need them then go hell for leather until I can place them.

Today has also been a day of progress - the blue cardigan is done - washed and with buttons - that can be handed over to my colleague tomorrow - a WIP finished and removed from my flat - I've really not enjoyed knitting it - I chose to make a big size of a pattern I'd made once already and found it very boring.

The instructions for the handles of this bag are to work 6 stitches on 8mm needles for a long time - I hate the thought of that and am thinking reverse stocking stitch rolled into a tube. It is nearly sewn together now so all I have to do is decide if i want to line it.

The green/blue shawl grows apace, since I took the picture I've fringed it as far as I've got rather than leave it until after I finish - that's given me a real lift although it has made it much warmer to knit on!

The body of the Noro jumper is also growing but too warm for knitting on on warm days - although I don't anticpate many more of them this year.

Finally - please allow me to present the start of 'My first sock' I have no idea how I'll get on when it comes to the heel and stuff but so far, so good. Sadly I don't expect this one to fit me - I have wide feet and ankles that swell at the slightest provocation, when I come to socks for me I expect to have to alter the pattern but didn't think that would be wise on the first attempt. This is an Opal yarn and I'm enjoying the experience so far!!

As an afterthought allow me to present a matched pair of Ebay wins, given around 100g of variegated DK yarn - 80% wool and 20% acrylic I can't decide what to make with it so have taken a picture to gaze at while I day dream.


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