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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The karmic sock

Lo and behold - we have a leg of a sock with a heel flap!! What is even more exciting as far as I'm concerned is that having got to this point I finally understand the pattern, I know what I'm trying to achieve and I understand how it will happen!!

I have reached a karmic understanding of the sockness of sock and I can now see how I can alter the pattern to make a sock that will fit me - so now I have to finish this sock (and it's mate) before I can start making tiger striped socks for myself. So, as I rush off to start picking up stitches and knitting gussets I leave you with a heel flap from the right side and a heel flap from the wrong side and send grateful thanks to my beloved who is kind enough to act as if he cares about 'My First Sock' whenever I go on about it!


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