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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Alarms and excursions

OK - so I don't like my job a lot of the time but the number of thinsg that conspire to stop me doing it are growing.
Monday - arrive late due to sadistic physio only to have a fire drill happen 30 minutes spent outside then at leat an hour discussing fire drill and complaining about how much time it wasted
Tuesday - straightforward alarm test taht we all ignored
Today - some stupid malfunctioning sensor sets off teh alarm, I fail to grab my backpack with purse and knitting in it and thus spend what seems like many hours but in reality is probably much less bored out of my brains being bought coffee by colleagues and whining about how I wish I'd got my knitting with me!

Went for lunch to say goodbye to a colleague who has been promoted and is moving to a new job - with a navy kidsilk haze scarf to wrap around her neck - then caught the bus from hell back home - hot, crowded and it broke down half way.

This morning my bus was diverted following a fatal hit and run on the normal route - it turns out the fatality was the teenage boy who'd attacked me the other week, I'm feeling weirded out about this, not glad it happened but in an obscure way relieved that I'll never have to confront him again as he lived locally and I could easily have encountered him. I think I'll have to sleep on this - see if my subconscious can sort it out. I suspect this is the instinct for self preservation overwhelming the veneer of civilisation that most of us wear.

I have at least managed to get a few more rows of my Noro second sleeve done, but am now convinced that I will have enough yarn and should in fact frog the top of sleeve number 1 and make both 1 and 2 a little bit longer - being teh decisive sort I am going to knit sleeve 2 until it is as long as sleeve 1 minus shaping then carry on with the body - then I can see if I have spare yarn before frogging sleeve 1. I'm soo good at procrastinating.

Next I want to read the clapotis pattern and decide if I can face knitting that much just for me - if I go with it I have to face facts - I knit yet have no stitch markers I use hair ties, or bits of contrasting yarn tied around my needle - how shocking is that?? Do I really need to invest in stitch markers as well as many needles and far too much yarn to be a 'real' knitter?


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