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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I normally do a progress check on Sunday's but last week although I did lots of knitting nothing really major occurred - if we discount the steadily increasing stash! Today, I have at least a milestone achieved - I finished a sleeve of a large baby cardigan. I've been sat at work knitting in my lunch break for months and realised that I had made something for everyone's baby except a manager's grandchild, this seems dreadfully rude so I'm plodding through a large size cardigan - I finsished the back and 2 fronts then lost interest totally - I'm pleased to be able to announce today that I have achieved a sleeve! A minor snag is I forget which box the back and 2 fronts are in although I do know where the buttons are. I won't let this put me off, I have a day off work on Friday and Monday is a Bank Holiday so I intend casting on sleeve number 2 and hopefully finding the rest of the cardi.

Most of my other projects continued to grow, albeit more slowly than I would like and tomorrow I plan on treating myself to a day focussed on the Noro sweater, it must be at least half way done as I've knitted up nearly 10 balls of the 16 I bought, fairly soon it will come off the circular needle and that will mean no more knitting it on the bus, then I have to find another project that works on buses, I think the front of my bright pink jacket which is safe to do on short needles.

I'm still resisting starting the potential clapotis and debating sock knitting as an accomplichment I don't yet have but have promised myself that I will finish the pale blue cardi, the green/blue shawl and the bright pink shopping bag before I cast on anything else!


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