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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The infernal pale blue cardigan

Is almost finished - I'm sure to have a picture of it tomorrow. I finished the second sleeve and today in a rush of enthusiasm sewed enough of the seams so that I could pick up and knit all the bands. It just needs the sleeve seams finishing and all the ends weaving in, then the buttons and it is finished. The slight snag was that it had travelled around in my back packfor so long it was filthy, luckily it's in machine washable man made fibre so it's just gone through the washing machine and is currently drying ready for finishing off.

In further progress I finished the second half of the lurid pink bag and have started sewing it together, it needs handles as well then I will have 2 FO's in one week!

As a reward I intend experimenting with my first sock tomorrow - I did cast on today but found that the test match took far too much attention and have put it off until Monday. I reverted to knitting the front of the bright pink jacket - for some reason that has taken my fancy the last few days and it has grown massively - another few cms and I can insert the pocket. The green and blue shawl is also growing rapidly, I plan on starting fringing it soon to make sure I don't run out of yarn - the silver grey one ended up with me thinning out the fringe to fill in gaps where I had no more yarn left.

Most of the WIP's have moved on this week and I even started going through my books and getting rid of a few - seriously traumatic - I don't do 'disposing of books' in my life too many books is like 'too much chocolate' an alien concept that I don't grasp. I sometimes rehome books but these actually went with my partner to be donated for resale with a promise of more to follow. A girl has to make room for her stash of wool somehow doesn't she?


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