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Monday, August 15, 2005


Anyone who has met me will know that I badly need to lose weight as my back has been playing me up for some time, also that I'm in that glorious chicken and egg thing, I'm overweight, I need to exercise but I have asthma and a bad back so find it hard to exercise etc etc!! My doctor finally referred me for physiotherapy in the hopes that the physio could put my back back together enough to enable me to exercise more.
So far we've not made much progress - being jumped on from behind the other day didn't actually help much. I had my latest appointment this morning and my physio decided the thing to do was to take me to their gymn and see what I was capable of!
Well, I can just about manage 5 minutes on an exercise bike, less than 4 minutes on a slow treadmil but can raise and lower weights with my arms quite well, so tonight I have legs made of cotton wool and shoulders that are seizing up and am in the process of joining the gym where I work - I really really must be crazy.

I have finished one of my many WIP's, albeit a minor one, I've finished the skinny short scarf in brown cream and beige, I just need to sew in the ends. I've also done a few rows of my Noro jumper and sleeve and the green/blue shawl. Several people have commented on the number of WIP's I have - I have the attention span of a fruit fly, and a VERY low boredom threshold, I like having a number of thinsg on the go so that when boredom sets in or I make a mistake I can't immediately figure out how to fix I can put the item on one side and carry on with something else. Especially with mistakes I always used to try and try, make an unmendable mess and throw things - I find this way more constructive. Also, short rows or circular needles work best on the bus and at bus stops and straightforward paytterns work best while I watch TV!


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