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Sunday, August 14, 2005

WIP update

1) pale blue DK baby cardi now just needs 2 sleeves, I've bought cute teddy bear buttons for it as well
2) peach/lemon DK hooded baby jacket, no progress
3) turquoise DK baby cardi, back done but I can't get the shaping right on the front, had another try and still can't get it right, but I did buy it some buttons to see if that motivates me
4) 3 ply white shawl - about half the centre square done - no progress

5)aqua DK patterned sweater for me - just half the front to do as I've finished the second sleeve- possibly less than half - I've taken a picture of the pattern in it.
6) bright lemon/orange DK sweater for me - the back and front started as I'm trying to make them to match I've done a little bit but nothing worth bragging about

7) bright pink DK jacket for me, one front and the back started, made a pocket lining and done a few rows of this
8) chunky sweater in reduced price Cossack - back done and front started - no progress
9) chunky hooded coat in reduced price Cossack back and one front started and some progress on both
10) kidsilk haze scarf out of Simply Knitting finished.
new 10) a scarf in one ball of brown/cream fancy yarn - in the photograph - I fell in love with the yarn on Ebay but it sheds something shocking.
11) triangular fringed shawl in greens and blue to match the shawl I am giving away to my friend - soem progress on this
12) I have 4 teddies for tragedies in various stages of unfinishedness that I must get on with - no progress
13) a lacy cardi for a TV friend - I did a load and found too many mistakes so I've frogged it ready to start again - I've found the pattern again - whgich is a start!
14) a barely started baby DK cable patterned jacket in pale lemon - no progress here either

15)Noro Kureyon sweater (again from Simply Knitting) finsihed one sleeve almoist half the body doen on a circular needle and the second sleeve started.
16) The pink nylon tape is making a bag - luckily it grows very quickly!

I've photographed some more of the yarn stash, I haven't yet decided what to make with most of it, but the big ball of blue/green/purple comes with a pattern for hat and scarf which I want to try.

The docking station for my digital camera arrived this week - so now I can actually afford to take pictures - it was eating ordinary batteries.

Had an unexpected visit from my partner yesterday so I had to tidy away as much yarn as possible, today will be spent sorting out what I intend working on this week - I have several meetinsg to go to where I may be able to sneak knitting time - if I don't manage that I'm unlikely to get much done this week.


Blogger scarletprincess said...

WOW I thought I was the only one with lots of WIPs!!!
I bow down to you! It's made me feel so much better now!

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