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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Stash that grows

Well, despite the fact that I shouldn't I've been exploring online yarn stores as well as Ebay, through the post today arrived both the sublime and the slightly ridiculous!
One skein of irresistable Kaalund Nimbus in Forest Floor colourway - this is for me - yes really for me I am determined to keep it for myself. One hank of Margaret Stove Artisian Lace yarn in Wedgewood - it'll be put away for long winter evenings when I plan on teaching myself to make fancier lace than the kidsilk pattern I'm doing. The slightly ridiculous? 10 balls of summer funtape colour 'Love'.

After some panicky maths and a phone call to discuss it with my mother I'm pretty certain I have enough Noro to make my brown/cream sweater and I've knitted up another 50g ball in the last two days - housework is calling but I'm mentally sticking my fingers in my ears and ignoring it!

I'm fairly certain that I have some yarn at the Post Office being redelivered Saturday - then I just have some Ebay wins to arrive and I'm really really going to stop for a while - I belive these sorts of vows never happen so I won't set a time limit!

I've done a bit of the green/blue shawl today but couldn't bring myself to do any navy kidsilk, I'm promising myself to finish the aqua sleeve by the end of the weekend and make some serious porgress on tidying up - I've some storage boxes to fill with stash and tidy away then I can settle down for a few evenings serious knitting again. If I'm really good and get a lot of housework done I'll let myself start planning what to make with my Nimbus - though I really musyn't start it yet!


Blogger scarletprincess said...

Oooh that nimbus looks mighty fine!! Make sure you keep that for yourself!!!

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