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Monday, August 08, 2005

Update including Melody

Firstly a picture of some more of my stash, the big cone came from Texere, I rarely buy greens but fell in love with this and haven't yet decided what to make with it. At the back on the right is Colinette Isis in Velvet Plum - I have 4 hanks of that. At the front from left to right is Bamboo in Purrplexed, Funky Fur magic in violet and Adrafils Stars, as you can see - I really really like purple!

Next one of my WIP's - the green/blue shawl for one of my nieces, it's a terribly easy pattern, if I do nothing but this I can make a shawl in a weekend, I work on these when I'm brain dead and incapable of following a pattern!

Lastly we have Melody - draped over the head of a cuddly toy to spread it out. I'm not convinced by this yarn - its dreadfully hard to knit with - the ball disintegrates if you touch it, then it tangles, being a laddder yarn it's easy to knit through the yarn instead if behind it, they say to knit the shawl on a circular needle but it tightens round the narrow bit then won't move onto the pins. If you knit on ordinary needles they slip out unless you hold them both at ALL times. I'm persisting with it, but it really is no pleasure and I have it in purple too.

So much for my 'no more yarn for a while - I've bought some Aran weight in oatmeal, I don't like cream much and have plans to make a pair of Aran sweaters this autumn - expect much counting and swearing!!

I did get quite a lot of knitting done this weekend - moving along almost all of my WIP's, I'm keen to clear some of them - the ones that are better than half done so that I can concentrate on gifts for Christmas, once the bulk of them are done I'l be able to make myself things again and treat myself by working on lace and Aran that I'm not very good at.

I ordered the charging docking station for my digital camera yesterday - then I'll be able to afford to photograph all my WIP's and keep a proper record of them - life has been expensive lately but very productive.


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