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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Two missing balls of navy kidsilk haze that I lost at the weekend, now the question is, can I bear to knit another 50g of navy wool into the worlds dullest lacy pattern? If I stop now the scarf is pretty much too short but to use the other 2 balls will make it humungous - I suspect I'll just keep going until I've reached screaming point then cast off.

I've managed to get a good chunk of the aqua jumper sleeve done, some of the green/blue shawl, started the decrease on the raglan of the blue baby cardigan front and finished the increase of the sleeve of the Noro jumper - that should be done soon as I have short arms. Next to work out how to do the body of the sweater in the round, that'll be too bulky to take on the bus but means I can keep track of the yarn, I'm planning this being baggy and for slopping around in so I bought some extra yarn for it. I'm guessing 2 balls for each sleeve, one for all the finishings and the rest will make the body. I've even done a couple of rows of the bright pink jacket backI have a short attention span so I tend to go from one item to another each knitting evening, being anally retentive I keep a spreadsheet with all my WIPs on and check off each week which have been worked on so I can keep all the projects joggiing along.

I just added to my stash yet again (shame on me) I ordered 4 more balls of Pooch, a skein of something bulky that should make a scarf and hat and some red and some gold glittery DK - my friend's new baby is called India - that cries out for something in red and gold.

I've wrapped the lilac cardigan for my neighbour - it's her birthday Thursday but all her family will be visiting so I'm planning on handing it over tomorrow - she has loads of children/grandchildren and Thursday will be bedlam - I may stay late at work for quiet! She's a smashing neighbour takes in my parcels of yarn and keeps an eye on my flat so I made her the cardigan as a thank you.


Blogger Daisy said...

How many balls are you using for the kidsilk haze wrap? I'm making it with 3 (the shortest version) in liqueur (burgundy). The pattern is dull, but I've got round that by trying to do 2 repeats a night - it still seems to grow quite fast and I don't get bored!

9:38 am GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

I have 4 balls - simply because Celticove were selling it cheap and I'm always paranoid about being left short. I'm never going to use it all though! I knit it on the bus in the mornings and tehn do a bit in the evenings after tea if I can bring myself to.

11:03 am GMT  

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