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Monday, August 01, 2005


First here's the yarn that Alex wanted to see - top right is Pooch purple sunset, the other 2 are Melody 'purples' and 'arizona sunset'.
Now, how can I have lost 2 balls of navy kidsilk since Friday evening when I showed them to my partner? I think I may be going mad!

I did get to work and back in one piece although the journey home was nervewracking - luckily I bumped into a friendly acquaintance on my way home from the bus and we walked part way together, no sign of the little %^&^$ that attacked me last week at least.

Now, I have an excuse to start yet something else - my best friend had a little girl today - she hadn't told anyone what sex she was having so I'd done gender neutral cardis for her, now I can raid my stash for pinks and lilacs and peaches for some pretty stuff I have some lovely lacey pretty patterns, I fancy making something a bit in your face too though not so much 'Little Princess' as Queen Bee!

Theres a pic of the latest wip too, the Noro in browns and creams - I do like the odd thing in aran weight or chunky - I cast that on Saturday evening - knitted nearly 50g then undid it and redid it on Sunday - 29 cms of sleeve in a day!


Blogger KnitYoga said...

I too wondered what Pooch looked like. Thanks for putting it on your blog. Wow - I thought I had a long list of WIPs but yours is truly awesome!

9:52 am GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

It's scary - but the blue kidsilk has knitted up so economically I may stop at 2 balls not 4 - that'd help, though now I want to do baby stuff again for my friend's little girl, I'm trying to keep my knitting WIPs to less than 15 in number but I may succumb soon if my Hipknits silk arrives.

2:56 pm GMT  
Blogger Fred said...

What's the Melody like to work with? I've done a poncho in Sirdar Dune. I was going to do a further 2 but decided that 1 was enough so looking for something alternative to use.

3:57 pm GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

The Melody is foul to knit with - I gather it improves if you persist but I'm trying to do the pattern that came free from Celticove with it and I can't get the hang of it - the picture doesn't show the pattern - I've given up for now and will try again tomorrow

7:33 pm GMT  
Blogger Fred said...

I'll swap my Dune for your Melody. That way we can both say they're equally horrid! ;-)

8:52 pm GMT  
Blogger rachel said...

Don't tempt me!! I'm going to attempt to knit up this one ball first, then with the purple I have some of the purple yarn left from the cardigan I made (sorry dusky amethyst)and I'm going to try knitting with the two together and see what happens!

12:37 pm GMT  

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